Thursday, August 4, 2011

Very Serious

I've just seen the most horrific thing and I am just now able to see through the tears to pass this along to you now.  If you have access to Netflix, I suggest that everyone watch "The Stoning of Soraya M."  I've spent the last hour literally bawling over this movie. 

Let me begin by saying that I, from the age of two until I was fourteen, suffered molestation, rape and beatings, but now, I feel so petty that I bewailed my childhood when much more unspeakable crimes are being committed in places like Iran.

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This movie is based upon the true story of an Iranian woman who was falsely accused of adultery and subsequently stoned to death; all so that her husband could marry a much younger woman.  This movie is graphic and, if you have a weak stomach, the end might be too much for you, but the story is one that should be told and passed along.  It is that important!

This is not to diminish the atrocities that occur in civilized nations like our own, but I feel that it is important to spread the story of women that have it so much worse than even we can imagine.  It is true that I am a much stronger and resilient woman because of what I suffered and I am thankful that I am alive to say so, but others have not been so lucky.

If you don't have Netflix, but have access to this movie through another venue, please watch and please pass the story along. 

On a side note, for you misogynistic pigs (integralmath, for example) who continue to create derisive youtube videos about Miss Watson's elevator experience:  women, like me, who have been assaulted in every way (against our will and against our power to stop), become very nervous when isolated with a man, in a confined space, at any time of the day, much less four o'clock in the morning.  How dare you make light of the situation for the sake of entertainment!  Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you!!!

Btw, this was my response to integralmath's video upload entitled "Elevatorguy Potentially Captured in Photograph." 
From me:  Real mature =\
Reply from integralmath:
@AltruisticHeathen: the joys of being a fully grown up adult type person is that we have the luxury of when to be in what state. Maturity wasn't my goal; derision was.

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