Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Faithful Friends

Recently, FFRF posted pictures, on their facebook page, that were taken during the "Response" protest.  One of the posted comments was from a young lady, who also happened to be a Wiccan.  She chimed in with a supportive comment and was immediately responded to by :Seven Hansen who said
just because you appreciate the separation doesn't mean that your not following/practicing giving faith to old superstitious rot that should be put on the shelf in the age of knowledge, a freedom from religion means that all these nonsense practices should be put to rest...please don't put a spell on me LOL
I was totally pissed off that this guy would attack someone who feels as strongly, about the separation of church and state, as we do.  As a former Wiccan myself, I too was as strongly supportive of our First Amendment rights then, as I am now.  Those who practice 'non-mainstream' belief systems are just as vulnerable as non-believers to discrimination by the christian majority.  

I think that it is important to support and be open, and friendly, to those who (while still faithful in some way) support causes that benefit us all.  Most non-believers, that I've ever met, have (at one time) been faithful in some form or another.  We must remember that we were once brainwashed and gullible; creating dissent amongst those with open-minds only hurts our cause.

Yes, there are times when a sharp tongue can come in handy; when religion is shoved down our throat, when it impedes upon our civil rights, in defense of the defenseless.  But, consider carefully how your words might very well push a person away, who might otherwise be very receptive to a more enlightened world view.

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