Monday, September 26, 2011


Ya'll probably know that, last week, Pat Robertson gave advice to a man whose wife was suffering from Alzheimer's; he told him to divorce her (F%CK "for better or worse; in sickness and health).  Well, now he's decided to backtrack and be the hypocrite that we all knew he is. 

In the video this week, he says, "I never would tell anybody to leave their sick spouse," although that is exactly what he did last week.  What a liar!

I Get To Breathe!

Wow, I actually have an evening when there are no homework assignments to do.  I am amazed!  Maybe its because I just had exams in 4 of my 5 classes and my instructors thought we all needed a break.  Whatever the reason, I'm glad. 

Just chillin' on my couch, catchin' up on my favorite bloggers and loosening up with some 100 proof. 

Gotta enjoy it while I can; I'm sure that tomorrow evening, I'll be bogged down in more work.  =)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Do People Waste Their Money?

Well, let's see...
We are into our fourth week of the semester and, on average, half of my classmates are gone.   The only exception is my Biology class (more on that below).  Do these kids say, "Hey, I know, I can't find a job at MacBurgerFlippinJoint, so I'll go to college"?  Then they enroll, pay their tuition, buy their books, then find out that they actually have to work at it!  Oh my gawd!!!! Who would have thunk it?

On the facebook app that my school has available for its students, one guy writes, "Looking for other students who are taking college algebra to study with. my first two quizzes wasn't that good. : ("   This guy might need to find an English tutor.  In fact, my English (Comp II) class has about 10 remaining out of the 30 who started.  So sad.  My Honors World Civ course (which only seats 15, tops) is now down to 10 (33% reduction), with Psych and Philosophy following suit. 

I just don't get it.  Why do they even bother?  If it's their parents sending them there, the parents should know better than to throw away their money on brats who can't have shown any initiative previously.

Surprisingly, though, my Biology class has only lost 2 out of 30 (so far).  One of the girls is even home schooled (she wants to be a missionary when she grows up - how cute).  I think it's because it's a relatively easy course so far, with a teacher who says things like, "I'm going to teach evolution in this class and if you don't ascribe to that way of thinking, all that I ask is that you learn the material."  (Arghh) So the Prof is an accommodationist.  I'm sure that makes it easier on the bible belters here.

Anyway, this penny-pinching, money-grubbing, can't waste a cent on what I can't use non-believer is going to do some more homework.  I'm done complaining.  =)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Checking In

Man, this week has been hell.  I've had a boatload of reading assignments which took hours and hours and fairly lengthy writing assignments to do (in all five of my classes).  Sheesh!!!  And I'm not done yet.  Even though this will be a three day weekend, most of it will be taken up by more reading, analysis and writing.  My eyes are so dry, my fingers feel like they want to fall off, and I have a knot the size of a grapefruit in my neck.  But enough whinning.

Last semester, being my first, was an adjustment period for me and I didn't get involved with any clubs or activities at school, but I've made a special point to get involved in at least one group this year.  The group that I put first and foremost is the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at my college.  This afternoon, I was able to go to our first meeting, get to know the president a little better and help brainstorm some nifty activities for this year.

The president of our group is friendly with the president of our college's chapter of Baptist Collegiate Ministries and we are hoping to have at least one joint venture with them as a transfaith collaboration.  My suggestion was a game-show type event where a couple of people from our respective groups would play bible trivia to see who knows best.  We'll see if we can't get it approved by the BCM; who knows, it might be fun!  Besides, the believers will draw a much bigger audience than we will alone which will allow for more non-believing, community outreach.

Our first excursion into the public this year will be an "Ask An Atheist" table and I was all over that.   I looks like we will brainstorm some more on fund-raising events for charity and we also are going to try to raise $$$ for a proposed trip to Skepticon this November.  Of course, I already have my hotel room booked for that, but it would be awsome to have some homies come along and raise 'hell' with me.  lol  Looking forward to getting within the aura of PZ, even if it is for just a minute.  =) textbooks are calling out to me, telling me I'm a lazy sot.....back to the grind.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!