Monday, August 1, 2011

Giving Up The Church

It seems that the church is still very worried that young people are giving up the ghost, so to speak. Jon Nielson of The Gospel Coalition says:

“What do we do about our kids?” The group of parents sat together in my office, wiping their eyes. I’m a high school pastor, but for once, they weren’t talking about 16-year-olds drinking and partying. Each had a story to tell about a “good Christian” child, raised in their home and in our church, who had walked away from the faith during the college years.
Yes!  College is the first glimpse into reality for some of these poor indoctrinated folks.  Nielson goes on to say,  "the daunting statistics about chucchgoing [sic] youth keep rolling in. Panic ensues. What are we doing wrong in our churches? In our youth ministries?"  Answer: You are lying to them through your pearly christian teeth! 

Churches are dying among many communities.  In my town, it is pretty rare to see folks younger than 40 in the church parking lots on Sunday (unless it's kids taken there by grandparents).  I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more churches being put up for sale in upcoming years.  With massive amounts of information available to anyone with internet access, the strong-arm of the church weakens every day.  Knowledge is power!

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