Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don't Give In To The Annoying Bell Ringers

Did you know that the Salvation Army is an "evangelical part of the universal Christian Church"? 

Did you know that they abhor the idea of abortion, and claim that in instances of unwanted pregnancy, the "situation should be accepted" and "the pregnancy [should] be carried to term"?   I wonder: if you are raped, will they also expect you to accept the situation?  What f**ktards!

 Did you know that the they think that persons who are suffering greatly under the cloud of a terminal disease should not be allowed to end their own lives, in order to end their own meaningless suffering?  (Not to mention, ending the seemingly never-ending string of billing statements from the hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, etc. that will put their family into bankrupcy.)  Because we have absolutely no rights over what we do with our own damned bodies (as of right now), but, hopefully, that will change with time.

Did you know that, under their creed, $5 poker night with your buddies is out of the question?  Gambling is a sin, don't you know.

Did you know that the Salvation Army thinks that, if you are a homosexual, you should abstain from having a sexual relationship with your partner?  No nookie for you.

Did you know that they "oppose pornography in all of its forms"?  Damn, I like a little erotica now and then.  =)  What about me, dammit?!?

These people are spreading their intolerant, bigoted views in the guise of charity, and have been getting away with it for too long.  Next time you see a bell ringer in front of your local shopping center this season, tell them what you really think of their position and, perhaps, admonish the bell ringers for working for such a hateful organization.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pat Has Got It All Wrong

Typically, I love Pat Condell's YouTube videos; his snarky, godless attitude is usually brilliant, but now he's decided that American atheists have gone too far on the 'war on Christmas'.  He apparently thinks that it is wrong to push for a christian nativity scene to be removed from the secular, public grounds of city government.

I like the holiday season as much as the next person.  We put up a Yule tree and recognize the Winter Solstice (which the Christians ripped off of the pagans, btw).  I have no problem with Christmas songs (in moderation, because too much will make your head explode) or private citizens decorating their private property with the nativity or other types of religious paraphernalia.  To see these things does not make me feel "excluded" or "intimidated", but when a government body advocates the displays of one religion over all others on taxpayer funded property, then, yes, I have a problem with that. 

Pat claims that those who are in opposition to these types of governmental preference are trying to "stamp out harmless aspects" of Christianity.  That is not the goal at all.  The goal is: if government bodies decide to allow the public display of the nativity on taxpayer funded property, then representations of all religions (and lack of religion) should also be displayed - or none should be displayed.

I am glad for Pat that he lives in a country (UK) where he can be free and open about his lack of religious belief.  It would be nice if that were the case in America.

Has he seen how the theocrats have been trying to take over completely?  Has he seen the political candidates that we have to choose from (slim pickings, indeed)? 

In my country, it is political suicide to admit that you have no faith in the supernatural.  Additionally, if you come out of the closet, as godless, in some areas of the country you might have your property vandalized, be fired, be beaten up, etc. 

The theocrats are trying to inject their creationist bologna into the science classroom, are trying to make it legal to bully a kid into suicide so long as it is done in the name of religious morals, are trying to pass underhanded laws that make it difficult or impossible for a woman to have complete control over her reproduction, etc.

By preventing the pious from having  their government sponsored religious display, we who do not feel as they do are fighting against the autonomy that Christianity has enjoyed for so long.  We are not a Christian nation, we are a secular nation, and we will not allow the theocrats to continue to hijack taxpayer funded property for their proselytizing, at the expense of all others.  It violates MY constitutional rights, and it violates YOURS. 

Sorry, Pat, but this time, you've gotten  it all wrong.

Friday, December 16, 2011

In His Honour

I won't say too much about Christopher Hitchens (the internet is filling up with wonderful articles about this one-of-a-kind man's life that you can read at your leisure).  He was someone with whom I would have liked to sit down and argue; I most certainly would have had some key political disagreements with him.  But, I loved and admired his absolute and unrelenting passion for life and his ideals; I loved that he thrived on conflict and inspired fiery passion in others, and in myself. 

How do we pay tribute to this unique individual, who was not afraid to feel strongly about the beliefs he held, and was equally unafraid to change his mind about those beliefs when circumstances changed?  I say, lift a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage in his memory; hell, make it a double! 

For those two people in the world who aren't aware of who Christopher Hitchens was, see below for a nice collection of 'Hitchslaps'.

Hitch will be missed; he will continue to live on through our memories and the legacy he left behind.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Like It!


Yesterday, FauxNews replayed their story about poor Tim Tebow being 'picked on' for being very visual about his faith.  First of all, this is such a non-story...that network is using Tebow as a poster child for the supposed 'war on christianity' waged by the godless.  They are just upset that we are questioning their faith, and in doing so, we are insulting and rude (WhatEver!).

Anyway, saw this floating around Facebook, so I thought I'd share.  It puts the whole issue in perspective.

YouTuber, DarkMatter2525, makes an even better point in the following video:

Tebow seems like a really sweet and sincerely nice guy, but this kind of coverage because someone made fun of his signature move, after they sacked him, is not news; it's just fodder for the FauxNews, Xtian right, propaganda machine.

Can't We All Just Accept One Another?

We all come to see the light of skeptical reason in our own unique way.  We all label ourselves in different ways, as well: freethinkers, skeptics, humanists, secularists, secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, non-theists, etc.  When it comes to our interactions with believers, some of us are argumentative, antagonistic, angry, exasperated, pushy, etc., and some are not (some are able to be in the middle and use appropriate tactics depending on the situation and the person - but that usually comes with experience).

What really gets my goat is when we, as non-believers, who fight for the right to be ourselves and question the status quo, bicker about tactics.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Thinking Atheist Says "Merry Merry XMas"

I just love this guy. Seth, the Thinking Atheist, has a very informative site, a podcast, and a host of videos posted on YouTube.  If you aren't familiar with his work, I would definitely suggest that you check him out.  And have a happy pagan sun festival! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Got nothing to do with football....everything to do with waaaahhhh!

Okay, it seems that the 'anti-xtian bigots' are picking on some football guy, Tim Tebow. (apparently he plays for the Bronco's, or something)
Actually, fauxnews is using him as a poster-child for being picked on. (poor babies)
It’s become something of a sport to attack Christians in this nation.
In recent days a cross was removed from a Christian chapel on an Army base because it violated regulations.
Yes, it violated regulations.  What's the problem?  Regulations are there for a reason.
Symbols of the Christmas season have been removed from public squares and public schools because they might offend non-Christians. And in Washington, D.C., Christian teenagers were forced to pray in a gutter after police told them it was illegal to pray on a sidewalk outside the Supreme Court.
Yep, there's this thing called the 'seperation between church and state.'

OMGawd! I am so exhausted! But Free!

Hi everyone!
So sorry it's been so long since I've blogged. 

Like I mentioned in my Info page, my GPA comes first, and that certainly has applied this semester (and probably all other semesters....   :)

My college decided to be funny and schedule every single one of my finals for today.  I've spent the weekend cramming, finishing two papers, and not sleeping.  But, it's all over.  I have a month to chill, play Call of Duty: MW3 and Skyrim, and blog to my heart's content.  I am going to go to sleep now to recharge, but you'll be hearing from me soon.   Soooooooooo much in the news that will keep me busy for awhile. 

Thank you for sticking around and being patient with me.
Mary B.