Friday, August 12, 2011

10 Days 'Til School

Well, I've been distracted by the three flat screens set up in my living room.  I've had my niece and nephew over and everyone is participating in a Call of Duty party.  It's been keeping me from reading as much of my textbooks as I'd like, but I've made progress (earplugs were a wonderful invention). 

This is only my second semester of college so I'm still in the 'introductory course' phase.  Intro to Philosophy, General Biology, General Psych, Early Western Civ and English Comp II are the courses I'm taking this go-round.  I've made it through the first chapter each of Phil, Biol and Psyc, so far.  I realize that most people in my position would be dreading the beginning of the school year, but I absolutely cannot wait!

I've always been one to seek knowledge whenever, and wherever, I can, and I'm thankful that I continued to educate myself on a wide variety of subjects during my 15 year absence from school, because I already know most of what I've read so far. 

Two of the courses I'm taking this semester are Honors courses, and while I felt a little nervous about taking that path, I feel much more confident now that I've reviewed what I will be learning over the next 16 weeks.  Well, back to the books. Hehehehe

Yes, I'm a nerd!  And I like it!     =)

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  1. Your right you are a nerd lol :)