Friday, August 5, 2011

Argh Mateys!

Break out the rum my friends. The Captain's ship has been found.
In the 17th century, Captain Henry Morgan sailed as a privateer on behalf of England, defending the Crown's interests and pioneering expeditions to the New World. In 1671, in an effort to capture Panama City and loosen the stronghold of Spain in the Caribbean, Morgan set out to take the Castillo de San Lorenzo, a Spanish fort on the cliff overlooking the entrance to the Chagres River, the only water passageway between the Caribbean and the capital city.
Although his men ultimately prevailed, Morgan lost five ships to the rough seas and shallow reef surrounding the fort.

Archeologists have located one of these ships with some cargo and crates intact (they haven't opened them yet).  The makers of the rum, named after this legendary pirate, are "clearly hoping there's liquor in there."  

I just bet they are.    =)     Read more here.

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