Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Pissed Off!!!

I follow the Huffington Post's Religious section regularly.  Today, I posted a comment in the article "Why I am not an atheist" by Bishop Pierre Whalon.   My comment was in response to the main comment made by TopP100:
I'm an atheist for reason #1. I have yet to see a theist present even so much as a small shred of concrete evidence for the existence of a god. The argument that asking to see scientific evidence for the existence of god is "unreason­able" to me seems to be more of an intellectual­al cop out than an actual argument.           
Towards which, a user called BlakKat made another comment, along the lines of :
"...believing in other gods like Odin, Thor and Vishnu are equally silly..." (although, I cannot be certain of BlakKat's post, verbatim - because it was deleted)

My response to BlakKat, was a continuation.  I added:
...invisible pink unicorns, flying spaghetti monsters and teapots (in orbit around the Sun, between Mars and Earth)...  ***the original post contained a typo and the correction still exists***

It seems that my comment was too controversial and was subsequently deleted.  When I posted another reply, to ask the censors for an explanation (I've done this three times), they just deleted my comments and refused to email a reply. 

I used to have a very high opinion of the Huff Post for allowing a varied range of opinions, but this censorship is juvenile and unwarranted.  As I mentioned, in another (request for response) comment - the views that I expressed were not hateful in any way and were censored without valid reasons.  The fact that they refuse to respond to my requests for an explanation, exposes the cowardice of the moderators (who, btw, hide behind their wall of power).

Do what you will with this information.  Cheers!!

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