Monday, August 1, 2011

Government Keeping An Eye On Right-Wing Extremists

Julio Severo - Last Days Watchman

Julio Severo, described by WorldNetDaily (another christian "news" site) as a "prominent pro-family activist in Brazil, [who] was forced into exile because of the  (hate crimes) laws in his land", is a homophobic, christian blogger now living an "undisclosed location."  His self-imposed exile was in response to complaints filed with the Brazilian government by AGBLT.

Anyway, he's apparently being watched by the US government.  Why?  Because he is a christian extremist.  It seems that this is upsetting the online christian community and they worry that this one blogger isn't the only one being watched. 

Thanks to Bush's anti-terror laws, it's a probability that we're all being watched.  Get over it!  Personally, I'm very frightened by these extremists and am glad somebody is keeping an eye on them.  As long as they break no laws, they have nothing to worry about.

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