Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Do Men ... ?

Why do men feel it necessary to yell at the television screen during sporting events?  Do they honestly think that their heroes can hear them? 

Here I am, sitting on the couch, laptop in hand, trying desperately to critique my own paper, whilst my husband screams at the tube.  I can't concentrate, I've run out of earplugs, and my vodka is running low.

Sanity wanes.

I Know....I Know...

I know that I've been negligent, but it has been unavoidable.  With three research papers to research and draft, my time has been completely swamped.  The only reason that I am updating now is that my brain is on overload and I deserve a much needed break. 

My local Secular Student Alliance club at school is up and running with an "Ask An Atheist" table in the works (so excited!).  I'm thrilled, also, that we have a room scheduled for meetings for the rest of the semester.  Funny story...

To begin the semester, we couldn't get a room booked for our meetings at all.  In desperation, I tried several contacts at school for help.  Eventually, I was recommended a conference room in the faculty offices (keep in mind that I'm just a club member, not an officer, but I know people in the Honor's Club).  When I spoke to the secretary that was in charge of the space, she seemed to be totally cool (considering that we are meeting in the late afternoon, every other Friday - when nobody is on campus).  She asked me for the name of the club, so she could write it in on the calender.  I told her....she asked questions (had no idea what the SSA was).... I told her we were an atheist/agnostic club.... her body language immediately changed.

Imagine, a little old woman who is hunched over her desk, taking notes, when she hears the word, "non-believer".  She instantly leans as far back in her office chair as possible, tells me that we will all find out the truth when we die, and tells me (in so many words) that she is NOT a "non-believer". 

Well, I knew we were in trouble.  She mentioned the department chair and the dean (who we may have to go through for approval) even though we are a recognized group on campus.  Sufficed to say, I contacted the President of the group immediately.  Luckily, he was able to meet with the department chair, and (thanks to his suave personality) we have the conference room for the remainder of the semester.  Whew! 

I have to tell you.  If this is the kind of reception I should expect for the "Ask An Atheist" table next week, I'll have my work cut out for me.  My problem is public speaking.  I am really hoping to get a great deal of experience from the indignant believers first hand.  I need it!

Well, I suppose that I should get back to analyzing literature (how exactly this will help me in my psychology career, I'm not sure).  Cheers!