Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sharia Controlled Zones In UK. WTF?!?

Islamic extremists in the UK are implementing, what they call, sharia controlled zones.  I first heard about it from Pat Condell (a video response from Pat is below); now, these radicals have held a press conference to outline what they plan to do, which is force their beliefs upon those who live within these zones, even if you are not a follower of Islam.  In one instance, they claimed that if they saw a person drinking a beer, they would make that person throw the beer down and "take" them to an Islamic center to be educated about the error of their ways.

Prohibited under sharia, if they get their way:
Porn - That's right boys and girls; no more bedroom fun for us!
Gambling - Weekend trips to the casino, or poker nights, go right out the window.  Not cool!
Booze - Um, NO!!!!!!!!!!!  That's medicine, don't you know.
Makeup - Oh, the horror! 
Exposed flesh - That's right! No more shorts, tank tops and peeks of cleavage.  It'll be burkas all the way.
Promiscuity - Yes, I'm married and monogamous, so I don't have to worry about this one, but if I were single, I absolutely reserve the right to enjoy any man, or woman, that I wanted (and who wanted me back), when I wanted.

Yep, no dressing up, fixing our hair, putting on makeup, or a slinky dress; no more going out for a nice evening of gambling, drinking and picking up some stranger at the bar so we can take them up to our room to watch a little porn.  Who the heck do these men think they are?

Please watch the video below:

This video of the press conference was recommended by Sam Harris via Twitter; it is an hour long (I know, an eternity) but I feel that it is important for everyone to see what these men want to transform all of society into - in their own words.  Please watch:

Be sure to watch Pat Condell's response:

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