Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Polygamist Threatens Those Who Prosecute His Church

Wow, this certainly seems to be a frequently occurring theme from the faithful.  Warren Jeffs, leader of the extremist Mormon sect whose trial began recently, claims he will bring "sickness" and "death" upon those who oppose him.
"I, the Lord God of heaven, ask the courts to cease the prosecution of my holy ways," Jeffs said. "There will be a judgment against all those who prosecute the church. ... I shall let all people know of your unjust ways. I will bring sickness and death. Let this cease."

[Judge] Walther then told him that "if you call for the jury's destruction" while the jury -- who will decide if Jeffs is guilty on two counts of sexual assault on a child -- is present, "you will be removed from the courtroom."

The defendant responded by saying, "I am not threatening. I am releasing a message."
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This scary dude has an estimated 10,000 followers and he has been able to maintain contact with his flock via telephone conversations.  I sincerely hope that the jury is being protected against potential attacks from these loonies.

Thankfully, this "smurfin'" dumb dumb has decided to represent himself, so the trial probably won't last long.  His delusions will not save him from paying for his crimes.

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