Friday, December 16, 2011

In His Honour

I won't say too much about Christopher Hitchens (the internet is filling up with wonderful articles about this one-of-a-kind man's life that you can read at your leisure).  He was someone with whom I would have liked to sit down and argue; I most certainly would have had some key political disagreements with him.  But, I loved and admired his absolute and unrelenting passion for life and his ideals; I loved that he thrived on conflict and inspired fiery passion in others, and in myself. 

How do we pay tribute to this unique individual, who was not afraid to feel strongly about the beliefs he held, and was equally unafraid to change his mind about those beliefs when circumstances changed?  I say, lift a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage in his memory; hell, make it a double! 

For those two people in the world who aren't aware of who Christopher Hitchens was, see below for a nice collection of 'Hitchslaps'.

Hitch will be missed; he will continue to live on through our memories and the legacy he left behind.

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