Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don't Give In To The Annoying Bell Ringers

Did you know that the Salvation Army is an "evangelical part of the universal Christian Church"? 

Did you know that they abhor the idea of abortion, and claim that in instances of unwanted pregnancy, the "situation should be accepted" and "the pregnancy [should] be carried to term"?   I wonder: if you are raped, will they also expect you to accept the situation?  What f**ktards!

 Did you know that the they think that persons who are suffering greatly under the cloud of a terminal disease should not be allowed to end their own lives, in order to end their own meaningless suffering?  (Not to mention, ending the seemingly never-ending string of billing statements from the hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, etc. that will put their family into bankrupcy.)  Because we have absolutely no rights over what we do with our own damned bodies (as of right now), but, hopefully, that will change with time.

Did you know that, under their creed, $5 poker night with your buddies is out of the question?  Gambling is a sin, don't you know.

Did you know that the Salvation Army thinks that, if you are a homosexual, you should abstain from having a sexual relationship with your partner?  No nookie for you.

Did you know that they "oppose pornography in all of its forms"?  Damn, I like a little erotica now and then.  =)  What about me, dammit?!?

These people are spreading their intolerant, bigoted views in the guise of charity, and have been getting away with it for too long.  Next time you see a bell ringer in front of your local shopping center this season, tell them what you really think of their position and, perhaps, admonish the bell ringers for working for such a hateful organization.

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