Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've recently learned of Germany's decision to ban religiously-based circumcisions on male children.  I applaude this decision and mentioned it to my husband who is, appallingly, in complete disagreement with me.  He is of the opinion that we should not in any way trample upon the religious liberties of parents.

When I asked him whether or not is was okay for Muslims to cut off the labia, and sew up the vaginal opening, of their female children...he thought for a second and said...Yes!   OMG.  Really?!?

What the hell has FauxNews done to his brain.  I understand that he considers himself spiritual and the fact that I am an atheist has nearly destroyed our marriage (on his part) several times, but I am truly confused by this line of reasoning from him.  How can anyone possibly think that it is okay for a parent to mutilate their child for any reason at all?

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