Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Do People Waste Their Money?

Well, let's see...
We are into our fourth week of the semester and, on average, half of my classmates are gone.   The only exception is my Biology class (more on that below).  Do these kids say, "Hey, I know, I can't find a job at MacBurgerFlippinJoint, so I'll go to college"?  Then they enroll, pay their tuition, buy their books, then find out that they actually have to work at it!  Oh my gawd!!!! Who would have thunk it?

On the facebook app that my school has available for its students, one guy writes, "Looking for other students who are taking college algebra to study with. my first two quizzes wasn't that good. : ("   This guy might need to find an English tutor.  In fact, my English (Comp II) class has about 10 remaining out of the 30 who started.  So sad.  My Honors World Civ course (which only seats 15, tops) is now down to 10 (33% reduction), with Psych and Philosophy following suit. 

I just don't get it.  Why do they even bother?  If it's their parents sending them there, the parents should know better than to throw away their money on brats who can't have shown any initiative previously.

Surprisingly, though, my Biology class has only lost 2 out of 30 (so far).  One of the girls is even home schooled (she wants to be a missionary when she grows up - how cute).  I think it's because it's a relatively easy course so far, with a teacher who says things like, "I'm going to teach evolution in this class and if you don't ascribe to that way of thinking, all that I ask is that you learn the material."  (Arghh) So the Prof is an accommodationist.  I'm sure that makes it easier on the bible belters here.

Anyway, this penny-pinching, money-grubbing, can't waste a cent on what I can't use non-believer is going to do some more homework.  I'm done complaining.  =)

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